So the main goal of this post is to showcase a few snippets of what I am writing. Feedback would be wonderful ladies and gentlemen, it really would.

The book I am writing is centred around the main changes I have made in my life through intrinsic motivation to reach the point I am in my life now. It has been a hell of a ride!

I reminiss to a bad point in my life, where everything seemed a struggle and the lowpoint of depression, the steps I took to empower myself and the positive outcomes that I had gained from it. I do not declare myself to be a life changing guru, or expert I only hope my readers will gain something through this by approaching the book reflectively, if any applies.

Here are a few snippets ;)

I was born prematurely; my mother luckily was out walking in the field with Grandad next to the hospital I was born in. Word on the street was Mum and Grandad had to rush like Cheetahs else I would have been born on a makeshift Netball pitch. Yeah, key words here ladies and gentlemen, “Mum and Grandad”. You may think this was some weird father-figure incestual fetish, but no.

My Dad for all his faults was off working in Siberia, Russia at the time; or so I am told. Too busy with his luxurious Russian Vodka and frivolous encounters with the western women that journeyed with him than to attend the solitary birth of his only Son, or only Son for the rest of his natural life.

He’s dead now, my Dad. He sent himself to an early grave by pickling his liver beyond all recognition; I bet barmen everywhere would have paid top cash for a dilutable sample of his blood.

A bit of my life history for you.


It’s not only intimate relationships you need to be truthful in; be truthful to your friends, your employer, your enemies and more importantly, yourself. Having secrets and telling bare faced lies to everyone you meet is a recipe for disaster, and honestly we aren’t that fooled. If you’re a constant fibber, come on, be honest with yourself; you are, aren’t you? Did you lie about your last job on your CV? Did you tell your friend that tonight was the night you watch TV in the house with your Sister but in actual fact you’re off to the Cinema with Dave? I am sure you get the picture. Kudos if you don’t do this!

So ask yourself, why do I do this? Are you being respectful to the person you lie to? Obviously you are protecting their feelings because you are shielding them from feeling bad; way to go you! An outstanding pioneer for modern day morals you are. More people should behave like you and men and women would actually learn something.

No. Lying to anyone is a form of self-protection, it is because you would like to have both sides of the coin without facing the consequences of your actions, and it is because you are a coward. You are the decision maker in your life, you make decisions and you stick by them and if that deems you telling several people your mistakes then so be it.

Secrets and lies.

And there we have it. I am not divulging any more, sorry. There is plenty already written and plenty to come!

What do you think readers? Onto a winner, or give up my day job? Comments below :)

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